I am excited to be able to present these videos on ADHD into which I have distilled everything I have learned about ADHD and its treatment.

I have always taken a neuroscientific approach to ADHD. Despite many recent breakthroughs into the causes of ADHD, this knowledge is not widely known. This scientific approach makes understanding ADHD behaviours easier and gives direction to management. I hope you find these videos enlightening.

Introduction to ADD ADHD

Typical ADD ADHD behaviours

Risk factors for ADHD

The neuroscience of ADHD

Medical Treatments for ADHD

Non-Medical interventions

Long-term Outcomes

Reference: This is an excellent recent review on the prefrontal cortex, it’s working, and what effect it’s functioning. One of its authors, A Arnsten, is the world’s authority on this part of the brain. It is very detailed, and you really need to have a background in neuroscience. It can be heavy going. It is the basis of my slides on the neuroscience of ADHD.